Monthly Archive: August 2016

in JACC “Depressive Symptoms and Subclinical Vascular Disease The Role of Regular Physical Activity”

Link to article in Medscape:;eun=g848991d0r “Thus vascular stiffening and systemic inflammation that accompany worsening depressive symptoms were more pronounced in sedentary subjects and these relationships were attenuated in subjects engaged in regular moderate to vigorous physical activity” the researchers…
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PLOS Medicine Paper: “Traditional and Emerging Lifestyle Risk Behaviors and All-Cause Mortality in Middle- Aged and Older Adults: Evidence from a Large Population-Based Australian Cohort”

Concludion: “This large study reaffirms the importance of healthy lifestyles here evidenced for adults aged45 y and older. This analysis investigated four established and two novel risk factors namelyprolonged sitting and unhealthy sleep duration which may be added to behavioral…
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in Neurology: “Lower physical activity is associated with higher disease burden in pediatric multiple sclerosis”

Link to paper:; Conclusoin. “….Children with MS reporting higher levels of strenuous PA had lower T2 lesion volumes and lower relapse rates suggesting a potential protective effect of strenuous PA in this population. Further longitudinal studies are needed to establish…
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