in “The Telegraph”: “Want your children to keep fit? Let them play computer games”

;”A study suggests that video games – often blamed for youngsters lack of exercise – may in fact provide moderate or intense physical activity” Corresponding papers:

Result Cardia Study: “Greater physical fitness was associated with more brain volume and greater white matter integrity measured 5 years later in middle-aged adults. Neurology® 2015;84:2347–2353”

Article in Neurology:; Abstract: “Cardiorespiratory fitness and brain volume and white matter integrity The CARDIA Study ABSTRACT Objective: We hypothesized that greater cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with lower odds of having unfavorable brain MRI findings. Methods: We studied 565 healthy…
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Walk dont sit!

Already 2min more per hour may start to show benefit according to a new study (Link to original Article:; In;Medscape Medical News;”Walking Instead of Sitting Prolongs Life Even in Small Doses;Laurie Barclay MD May;01;2015″;;src=wnleditmedpwir;uac=17651BN;spon=17 “Light-Intensity Physical Activities and Mortality in…
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Good news in JAMA Intern Med 2015 large reduction in mortality risk “for those who do a little and those who do lot” of exercise by Arem et . al.

Article in Medscape (;src=wnleditmedpwir;uac=17651BN;spon=17#vp1)”BETHESDA MD — Good news on the exercise front including for those who do a little and those who do lot with a new study showing that any amount of leisure-time physical activity is associated with a…
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Is sleep duration a risk factor for stroke?

Title of the paper: “Sleep duration and risk of fatal and nonfatal stroke: A prospective study and meta-analysis” l”Conclusions: This prospective study and meta-analysis identified prolonged sleep as a potentially useful marker of increased future stroke risk in an…
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new study: statin therapy may be associated with a 46% increase in diabetes risk men

“” From DIA daily: Time adds “For patients who may not yet be diabetic but are vulnerable to developing the disease and also may need a statin Dr. Neil Stone lead author of the 2013 American College of Cardiology…
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