Physics in cancer research

Resistance to Chemotherapy: Patient Variability and Cellular Heterogeneity David A. Kessler1 Robert H. Austin2 and Herbert Levine3: ” This finding points to the potential important role of cell-to-cell differences due to differing local environments in addition to the patient-to-patient differences encountered in the first part” in; “Trailblazing cancer–physics project accused of losing ambition – Physical oncologists complain that US National Cancer Institute programme has lost sight of its mission.”

“suggested that cancer might result from environmental stress rather than from genetic mutations.” in;;spMailingID=49256879;spUserID=NzE4ODIyMTgwNDYS1;spJobID=740835078;spReportId=NzQwODM1MDc4S0 ; ;Cancer tumors as Metazoa 1.0: tapping genes of ancient ancestors by;P C W Davies1;and C H Lineweaver2 “We hypothesize that cancer is an atavistic condition that occurs when genetic or epigenetic malfunction unlocks an ancient toolkit of pre-existing adaptations re-establishing the dominance of an earlier layer of genes that controlled loose-knit colonies of only partially differentiated cells similar to tumors. ” in;Physical Biology;Volume 8;Number 1 P C W Davies and C H Lineweaver;2011;Phys. Biol.;8;015001;doi:10.1088/1478-3975/8/1/015001 ; ; ;