Vertracktes Tracking: wie genau messen fitness Armbaender? Originalartikel:; “Comparison of Consumer and Research Monitors under Semistructured Settings.”Bai Y;Welk GJ;Nam YH;Lee JA;Lee JM;Kim Y;Meier NF;Dixon PM

1Department of Kinesiology Iowa State University Ames IA; 2School of Health Physical Education and Recreation University of Nebraska Omaha Omaha NE; 3Department of Statistics Iowa State University Ames IA.


Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise;[2015]

Conclusion: “Overall the research monitors and the FBF JU24 and NFS provided reasonably accurate total EE estimates at the individual level. However larger error was evident for individual activities especially resistance exercise. Further research is needed to examine these monitors across various activities and intensities and under real-world conditions.”