new study: statin therapy may be associated with a 46% increase in diabetes risk men

“” From DIA daily: Time adds “For patients who may not yet be diabetic but are vulnerable to developing the disease and also may need a statin Dr. Neil Stone lead author of the 2013 American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association cholesterol guidelines says he stresses the importance of lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. “If you have a patient who is prone to developing diabetes you”re getting into a higher risk group because they also have risk factors associated with heart disease. So they have the potential to benefit from statins. If they are going to take a statin I tell them we are going to help you get more fit and work with your lifestyle. It”s even more important because if you don”t do that and the patient decides to take the statin and go on with their unhealthy habits then they are going to be even more prone to developing diabetes” says Stone.