Physical Activity Research Factors Infl&#x2Dncing Primary Health Care Professionals Physical Activity Promotion Behaviors: A Systematic Review

Article;International Journal of Behavioral Medicine;February 2015;Volume 22;Issue 1;pp 32-50;First online:;02 May 2014 “AbstractBackground Despite the promising findings related to the efficacy of interventions aimed at promoting physical activity (PA) in primary health care (PHC) the translation of these interventions to PHC practice does not always happen as desired.

Purpose To help understand why efficacious PHC-based PA interventions are not effectively translated to practice this study systematically reviewed the literature on factors influencing PHC professionals” PA promotion practices.

Method Literature searches were conducted in Web of Science PubMed and PsycINFO for peer-reviewed articles published in English from 1990 onwards. Studies were included that met the following criteria: (1) involving PHC-based PA interventions and (2) reporting factors influencing PHC professionals” PA promotion behaviors. Two researchers independently screened studies and extracted data. A narrative synthesis using thematic analysis was conducted to identify factors.

Results Of the 4469 identified articles 59 were included in the review. Factors were identified by qualitative methods barrier/facilitator ratings and the examination of the relationship between factors and PA promotion and the effectiveness of introduction strategies. Many factors related to the development delivery and effects of the innovation the sociopolitical and organizational culture resources and support patient and PHC professional characteristics and innovation strategies were identified as potential influences on PHC professionals” PA promotion practices. However the lack of evidence on the relationship between factors and PA promotion indicated insufficient evidence on PA promotion determinants.

Conclusion This extensive overview of potential factors can inform intervention developers and implementers on which factors may play a role when introducing PA interventions in PHC. Future research should further investigate relationships between factors and PA promotion which should be guided by qualitative in-depth knowledge on influencing factors.

KeywordsPhysical activity;Interventions;Primary health care;Introduction;Influencing factors;Systematic literature review

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