Cost of Obesity Will Wipe Out Healthcare

Link to article:;eun=g848991d0r quotes “Otis Brawley MD chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society says obesity is one of the top cancer risk factors in the United States.” “Justin Noble a certified nutrition coach childrens book author and co-founder says the healthcare industry will be unable to “move the needle” on cost of services as long as obesity and other lifestyle-related health risk factors remain out of control. “The main issue with healthcare in America is that it is focused on treatment instead of prevention. Eighty-six percent of all healthcare spending in 2010 was for people with one or more chronic medical conditions. The gross majority of these conditions are brought about by lack of exercise poor diet stress smoking and alcohol consumption. In a nutshell these ailments are brought on by the choices people make. If we put more effort into giving people the tools and the resources they need to make healthy choices we will find ourselves paying less for the diseases associated with these poor choices. Until that happens I only see the needle moving up.” ; The data demonstrating the dire health effects of obesity is distressing:

  • More than one third of adults and about 17% of youths are obese the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);reported;in February 2014.
  • Obesity-related conditions include heart disease stroke Type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer according the CDCs Division of Nutrition Physical Activity and Obesity;website.
  • In 2008 the estimated annual medical cost to treat obesity-related diseases was $147 billion the CDC;reported.
  • Many peer-reviewed studies have identified obesity as a high-risk factor for diabetes. A;study;published in 2000 concluded size definitely matters in the relationship between obesity and diabetes: “Relative to overweight people with stable weight each kilogram of weight gained annually over 10 years was associated with a 49% increase in risk of developing diabetes in the subsequent 10 years.”

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