in Neurology: “Lower physical activity is associated with higher disease burden in pediatric multiple sclerosis”

Link to paper:; Conclusoin. “….Children with MS reporting higher levels of strenuous PA had lower T2 lesion volumes and lower relapse rates suggesting a potential protective effect of strenuous PA in this population. Further longitudinal studies are needed to establish the relationship of PA to MS symptoms and disease activity in this population.” Authors:;

  1. Stephanie A. Grover MSc;
  2. Berengere Aubert-Broche PhD;
  3. Dumitru Fetco MD;
  4. D. Louis Collins PhD;
  5. Douglas L. Arnold MD;
  6. Marcia Finlayson PhD;
  7. Brenda L. Banwell MD;
  8. Robert W. Motl PhD;and;
  9. E. Ann Yeh MD

; Editorial: “Promoting physical activity to control multiple sclerosis from childhood” -;